New Police Task Force Visits Migrant Homes For Signs Of Terror, Sex Abuse, Drugs, Violence

Colonel Friedrich Kovar is head of a twelve-man task force which enters asylum homes to check for early warning signs of Islamic radicalisation and potential links to terrorist groups among asylum seekers in Austria.

The “early warning system” is a new scheme by the Austrian Home Office to root out potential Islamic radicals and Islamic State fighters living in asylum homes. The programme has received criticism, but many justify the programme after it was revealed that the Ansbach failed suicide bomber was also an asylum seeker, reports Kurier.

  • Zaba

    It’s like the car guys say: “You can’t just look at it”.

  • canminuteman

    What will they do when they find signs of terror, sexual abuse, drugs, and violence? Killing everyone there might be a good idea, or at least dumpong them on the other side of the Mediterranean.

    • Blacksmith

      Probably nothing for fear of being called islamophobic.