Martyrdom Was Ours First

Why such nervousness to think of a martyred priest as a martyr?

The New York Times waited two days. On the morning of July 26, 84-year-old Fr. Jacques Hamel was murdered while celebrating Mass when armed Islamists attacked his Catholic parish in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France. Two days later, the New York Times published an essay by a journalist who hopes that Pope Francis can persuade people who now regard Père Hamel as a martyr not to talk too much about that, or the sainthood his martyrdom implies.

  • xavier

    Yeah typical Grey lady journo clutching pearls while suffering from fainting spells. Wouldn’t want Pr. Hamel’s martyrdom to imperil the Narrative ™ of the poor Muslims as despised wherever they’re found and downtrodden.

    Well popular piety is much more grounded and commonsensical. Until the church decides otherwise I consider Pr Jacques a martyr

  • Jay Currie

    St. Antonio Primaldo and his companion martyrs…and I suspect Google will give us more.

    Time to raze the mosques!

  • irishrus

    New York Slime doesn’t believe or want any martyrs. If this Priest is not a martyr because he wasn’t expecting doom than 911 fireman and police are not heroes as surely they would not have gone into work that day if they could have known the outcome.
    By the way as unlikely as it may seem I have more than one Ontario Priest worry aloud that this may be the way he will die.

  • Jabberwokk

    Martyrdom is overrated and wasteful. I would be quite glade to see it expunged from Church belief. You can’t help people while your dead.