Islamic State and secular France are locked in an existential war

The killing of a priest during morning mass at a Catholic church near Rouen on July 26 has sent new shockwaves through France – a country which prides itself on its secularism, but in which religion still plays a large part in many communities.

The rapid succession of attacks on French soil claimed by Islamic State (IS), from the truck rampage in Nice on Bastille Day to the killing of 84-year-old Jacques Hamel 15 days later, is a worrying sign that IS has intensified its strategy known as the “management of savagery” and that France is a primary target in its fight against the “evil forces”.

  • simus1

    The lack of French jets leveling raqqa and the lack of French leaders giving erdogan the fisheye is much more important than crazy muslims murdering the odd priest.

  • xavier

    The French citizens can be a fractious lot. So some will probably start self defense leagues. Others will try to debate.

    What’s clear is the scum believe that France is both the weak link and the linchpin to conquer Europe.

    So it’s time for the gloves to come off apply existing law, compel the imams to debate, put the Bataclan Master minds on public trial so they can crow about the worthlessness of life and the people can then decide the next steps. Finally get rid of the elites that foisted this on the population

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, Hollande has talked the talk but has yet to walk the walk. If this is an existential war, why isn’t he fighting it as such?