Help a pal of BCF out and make yourself feel good…

Vardit is a long time reader of BCF, she’s hit a rough spot.

Can you make a small donation to help her out?

She explains it all here at her GoFundMe page.



  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Everyone can do something

  • truthdareisay

    Okay this is corny, I know… but your “sticky” is now stuck to my heart. Guys, there’s a reason I never wrote a best selling novel.. you can see why right here! But truly, thank you so very very much!

    • May I suggest setting up a YouCaring page? I prefer PayPal.

      • truthdareisay

        If I need a credit card.. I do not have one.

        • I don’t think you do.

          • truthdareisay

            I would not know what to do… but I like the way it is set up now. Thank you so much for your suggestion, though.

  • Brett_McS

    Done. Sheldon says miaow.

    • Thanks Brett.

    • truthdareisay

      Thank you so very much!

  • I can send a small donation but it will have to be by cheque. If that’s not a hassle, Cat has my permission to give my e-mail address to Vardit so she can send me her particulars.

    • OK

    • truthdareisay

      I gave BCF my address via email to him. Thank you so much.

      • Dispatched today via the snails — if it doesn’t arrive by wednesday let me know (if lost nobody but you can cash it because of the way I designated it).

        • truthdareisay

          Wonderful…. heartfelt thanks!

  • Martin B

    Made a small contribution to keep the Somalis from the door.

    • Ouch;)

      • truthdareisay

        Please thank you everyone I cannot say it enough!!!

    • truthdareisay

      ha! Thank you.. Too bad you couldn’t keep some Syrian migrants away 🙂

  • eMan14

    I shall be able to make a donation tomorrow.

    • Thanks e-man

    • truthdareisay

      Thank you so very very much.

      • eMan14

        Finally done… all the best.

        • truthdareisay

          Many many thanks!

  • May I suggest setting up a You Caring page? I prefer PayPal.

  • DD_Austin

    Shes half way, in one day
    thats the BCF way

    • truthdareisay

      You said it! BCF knows how much I appreciate it… not everything can be said in words that I can express!

  • ntt1

    donated, we will all get there eventually . We are all at the mercy of any menopausal quebecois in the hull CRA offices or as in Vardits case, some faceless bureaucrat in the CPP offices. and why should they care?They are already covered by a government pension such as most Canadians can only dream of.

    • truthdareisay

      Thank you so much. When I was on ODSP, I could have sworn the person who cut me off even from all meds really loved BLM.. She was abrupt and very cold when I pleaded with her.

  • Allan

    Done. Vardit is indeed a friend of BCF. Help her out if you can or don’t help her out. But it’s important to remember that all of us, ALL OF US can find ourselves in a tough spot in a flash. Wealthier people than you, smarter people than you and luckier people than you have fallen on hard times so none of us are immune.

    And on a personal note, the only purpose I see in my life is to try and help others. As I get older, not much else makes me content.

    • truthdareisay

      Now look what you’ve gone and done… you truly choked me all up again!!! Thank you so very very very very much!

  • Allan

    FYI, the share on FB button is not working on Vardit’s gofundme page.

    • truthdareisay

      I am so not tech saavy… how do I fix that???

  • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

    Zakat paid. 😉

    It isn’t much, but I’m sure all of you good people would do the same for me if I were in your stead.

  • Waffle

    I’m a bit confused here — how can they reduce one’s CPP? Have you spoken with a social worker at JFCS regarding this reduction and your need for prescription medication?

    • truthdareisay

      I have spoken to JF & CS…. kurnisht… I pleaded with them about my meds… Intake’s answer: We are not a bank… and yes CPP goes by the earnings marked on your previous year’s income tax. so for example last year I got $1,196. this year it is only about $998.00

      • Waffle

        Sorry for your troubles.

        • truthdareisay

          Thank you so much.

  • G

    I am back to work now so I can chip in.

    • truthdareisay

      Thank you!