Guardian writer swoons over Elle transgender cover


Nef’s cover is arguably the most radical of the four. It marks the first time a transgender woman has been on the cover of a major commercial British magazine. But beyond that it showcases 23-year-old Nef’s striking, singular beauty, the way in which she combines the stylish androgyny of a 60s French starlet with the heavy-lidded gaze of a silent-era movie star.

“I’d seen Hari walk the catwalk for Gucci and she seemed to highlight everything that is changing about the world right now,” said Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of Elle UK, adding that the magazine also employs a transgender woman as a columnist, Rhyannon Styles, who writes about her experiences as she transitions. More.

Reality check: Where do I remember the Guardian from? Oh yes: Job slaughter at Britain’s Guardian

The fundamental problem is that they don’t care about the things most people care about and most people do not care about the things they care about. They can certainly run with this stuff if they want but they can’t make people pay for it unless they can somehow get onto the public payroll, individually or corporately. Then look out.


Note: Elle is offering a chance to a potential drudge to “win” a free job, and it sounds for all the world like something a less troubled firm wouldn’t be doing. Lord, am I surprised.

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