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canada flagCanadian military seeks to improve its transgender policy

As the U.S. military prepares to open its doors to transgender people for the first time, the Canadian Armed Forces is looking at ways to improve its own transgender policy.

Canadian military officials reviewing the current policy, which came into effect in February 2012, are hoping to have a draft of the new policy finished by the end of the year.

The military officer in charge of the review says some of the expected changes will be technical in nature, but others will aim to give commanding officers and units more guidance in how to accommodate transgender military personnel when it comes to such basics as bathrooms and showering.

Hand_gunBritain wants its guns back

Last Friday the Daily Telegraph, Britain’s most widely read broadsheet newspaper, issued an online poll asking members of the public which proposal they would like to see introduced as a Private Members’ Bill in the UK’s Parliament.

Private Members’ Bills are introduced by Members of Parliament or Peers who are not government ministers.

The choices include term limits for Prime Ministers, a flat tax, a law to encourage the ‘greening’ of public spaces and the repealing of Britain’s hand gun ban. Following the Dunblane massacre in 1996, in which 16 schoolchildren were killed, Parliament passed The Firearms Act of 1997, which essentially banned handguns for the atrocity.

But Britons seem unconvinced by the law. The proposer, known as “Colliemum” asked, “…why should only criminals be ‘allowed’ to possess guns and shoot unarmed, defenceless citizens and police officers?”

Iraqis gather on July 4, 2016 around a building damaged by a suicide-bombing attack which took place a day earlier in Baghdad's Karrada neighbourhood, as people search for bodies of victims. Iraqis mourned the more than 200 people killed by a jihadist-claimed suicide car bombing that was among the deadliest ever attacks in the country. The blast, which the Islamic State group said it carried out, hit the Karrada district early on July 3 as the area was packed with shoppers ahead of this week's holiday marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. / AFP / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Unique, strange, and terrible’ — ISIS may have recently created a new type of bomb

In a crowded street in Baghdad’s Karrada neighbourhood, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) was detonated after midnight, causing nearby dwellings to be engulfed in flames.

Many residents were trapped inside the inferno and burned to death — it was estimated that merely 20 to 30 people had perished from the initial explosion.

But investigators at the scene are now concerned with another potential threat: A new type of bomb may have been developed and used by the terrorist group.

“We’ve never seen it before, and it’s very worrying,” a Western security source in Baghdad told the BBC.

erdoganUS intelligence chiefs say war on ISIS will suffer now President Erdogan has jailed some of Turkey’s best officers

Turkey’s Western allies condemned the coup, in which at least 246 people were killed and more than 2,000 injured, but they have been rattled by the scale of the crackdown.

The head of US Central Command, General Joseph Votel, said he believed some of the military figures whom the US had worked with were in jail, drawing condemnation from Mr Erdogan.

‘Instead of thanking this country which repelled a coup attempt, you take the side of the coup plotters. The putschist is in your country already,’ Mr Erdogan said, referring to Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who denies any involvement in the coup attempt.

Interview-D-Souza-Hillarys-America-Rush-BDinesh D’Souza on Hillary’s America

RUSH: We welcome back to the program Dinesh D’Souza, movie producer and director extraordinaire. Hillary’s America. You just won, not an award, but you just achieved the highest grossing — what’s the category that you just —

D’SOUZA: Rush, it’s absolutely fantastic. We became, in just five days, we became the most successful political documentary of this year, 2016, and we’ve also become, we’ve entered the top 10 documentaries of all time in just five days.

RUSH: Right. But this movie, it’s a documentary, but it’s entertaining as it can be. It’s not stiff by any means. If there’s one thing that — if you’re talking to people that haven’t seen the movie, and there’s one thing in this movie or one area that you really want people to take away from it, what is it? What would it be?

Bill-QuirkCalifornia to proclaim August “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month”

This is being done at the behest of Hamas-linked CAIR. Is Assemblymember Bill Quirk aware that Hamas-linked CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department? CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements. (Ahmad denies this, but the original reporter stands by her story.) A California chapter distributed a poster telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI, and a Florida chapter distributed pamphlets with the same message. CAIR has opposed virtually every anti-terror measure that has been proposed or implemented and has been declared a terror organization by the United Arab Emirates.

slingshotWhen We Weren’t Looking, Obama Passed Another Anti-Gun EO

On July 22, as his party gathered in Philadelphia to crown Hillary, the Obama administration legislated with executive fiat.

It came via the US State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), which is primarily responsible for administering the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). and its implementing rules, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

The DDTC is labeling commercial gunsmiths as “manufacturers” for performing relatively simple work, such as threading a barrel or fabricating a small custom part for an older firearm. Under the AECA, “manufacturers” are required to register with DDTC at significant expense or risk onerous criminal penalties.

honor killingMuslim man shoots dead his own sisters because they chose their own husbands

Nazir Hussaid, 35, from the central Punjab province, shot Kosar and Gulzar Bibi, 22 and 28, in the horrific double honour killing, and is now on the run.

The two women were preparing to marry men they had chosen themselves, senior police officer Mehar Riaz said today.

Hussaid objected to the love matches and had wanted the women to marry someone within the extended family.

gop_2016_trump_protestsAnti-Trump protesters join in chants of ‘Lock Her Up’ as Trump stumps at Colorado campus

Campaign appearances by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have incited violence, flag burnings, and rage-fueled debates, yet at a Trump pit stop at a Colorado campus on Friday protesters and Trump fans found something they could agree on — a dislike of Hillary Clinton.

As chants of “Lock Her Up” were repeated by a row of Trump supporters outside the event – many anti-Trump protesters joined in.

neanderthalHarvard Med School Scientists Want Female Volunteer Willing to Give Birth to a Genetically Modified Neanderthal

One of the world’s leading geneticists wants to bring back an extinct human species by cloning it from reconstructed DNA, then implanting the resulting embryo into the womb of a human woman.

“Now I need an adventurous female human,” said George Church of Harvard Medical School. “It depends on a hell of a lot of things, but I think it can be done.”

Church wants to resurrect Neanderthals, which went extinct 33,000 years ago. Although popular culture has portrayed Neanderthals as stupid, brutish and wild, evidence suggests that they were probably as intelligent as our own species.