Christians pay price as Turkey turns to Islam after attempted coup

For, despite a tolerant constitution, Protestants are not allowed to build churches in Turkey. Even the name church must be coupled to the non-threatening “association”.

Gangs chanting “Allahu akbar” rounded on it to smash its glass frontage. “The attack on the church was light. But it’s significant that it was the only shopfront attack in those three days,” said its minister, Pastor Tim Stone, last night. “We were the only targets.”

Nor was Matalya alone. In the Black Sea city of Trabzon others attacked the Santa Maria church, smashing windows and using hammers to break down its door. 

  • simus1

    muslim third world mentality turkey was seeping out of the backwoods and into the city slums for a very long time. Once their champion, herr erdogan, found out how to
    finance their support and excess fecundity for his nonsense, the dam burst.