Breitbart/Gravis Immigration Poll: 6 to 1, Americans Want Less

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Actually, I favor legal immigration with all the safeguards that insure these newcomers be loyal, desirous to be assimilated and self-supporting.

    • Alain

      Most of us do, but that is not what you are getting any more than what we are getting in Canada.

  • Alain

    Still waiting for a Canadian poll on the topic, but a national referendum would be better.

    • Voting alone isn’t the answer — I think the Americans (specifically the GOP) have a better handle on this than we do. Because what if the majority vote the global fascist route? We’re screwed.

      That’s what Constitutions are about avoiding, and Supreme Courts who honestly interpret Constitutions the way they were originally meant to be interpreted. Nobody based on any Western Constitution can argue that a country doesn’t have the right to defend its borders and decide who can or cannot cross them. No Supreme Court has the Constitutional right to decide otherwise. We are Nation-States whether Western Marxist Progressives and globalists like it or not.

  • Jay Currie


    There you go, an entire argument in one word. You’re very welcome.

  • bob e

    everyone thank speedy here, his 10 children & 20 aunt & uncles. one
    of them has brought the ZIKA mosquito virus .. along with a mite that becomes undetectable in the skin & a virus that there is no anti biotic for ..just to name afew. thanks all our politicians who are making a buck out of this ..

  • bob e

    i favor legal immigration 100 years from now. till them ..
    get the rats out & shut the door ..!!