Terror suspects who ‘entered Europe with Stade de France suicide bombers’ are extradited from Austria over alleged links to ISIS fanatics who carried out Paris slaughter

Austria has extradited two men suspected of being linked to ISIS amid claims they entered Europe with the two Stade de France suicide bombers.

The two men, an Algerian, 29, and a Pakistani, 35, were arrested last year at a shelter for refugees on suspicion of being linked to the Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed.

They have since been sent to France from Austria the prosecutors’ office in the city of Salzburg said today.

  • Reader

    Here is a cheery little musical interlude.

  • k1962

    European countries are going to have to build many super max prisons to hold all of the home grown muslim terrorists that they have until recently turned a blind eye to. To that mix they can add the many violent new arrivals as well. The future isn’t looking too bright. Who thought after Hitler that a new equally as evil political group of people could arrive on the scene so quickly?

  • Imagine how differently things would have turned out had agents done their g-d- jobs.