Stephen Hawking disappointed by Brexit

So he tells the Guardian:

Our planet and the human race face multiple challenges. These challenges are global and serious – climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans. Such pressing issues will require us to collaborate, all of us, with a shared vision and cooperative endeavour to ensure that humanity can survive. We will need to adapt, rethink, refocus and change some of our fundamental assumptions about what we mean by wealth, by possessions, by mine and yours. Just like children, we will have to learn to share.

If we fail then the forces that contributed to Brexit, the envy and isolationism not just in the UK but around the world that spring from not sharing, of cultures driven by a narrow definition of wealth and a failure to divide it more fairly, both within nations and across national borders, will strengthen. If that were to happen, I would not be optimistic about the long-term outlook for our species. More.

Elite boilerplate.

First, do we even agree what the problems are and how to prioritize them, let alone what the solutions are? Or how to implement them?

Lacking such agreement, the more we get together, the unhappier we’ll be.

Overpopulation, for example: There are wide differences in population growth and decline in the world today. Would Hawking care to say which groups of people have too many kids? Who is going to tell them?

Brexit is simply a nation state deciding (narrowly) that there wasn’t enough agreement on key issues to justify the level of union with continental Europe that the EU created. It’s not a war and it’s not a form of social injustice, as he claims. But social elites are doubtless freaked to discover that British people have been forming private opinions on such questions.

Solution: Ban private opinion! Let Eurocrats decide everything.

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  • He is filled with the drama of science fiction.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He is overrated and in need of a critical appraisal.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I have been STRONGLY suspecting that for the last ten years.
      I bet most of his work after the year 2000 is repudiated within a decade or two after his death.

      • He did good work on black hols before he became a cultural icon. Then it all went to blazes, if you ask me – particularly his vulgar attack on philosophy.

      • I read Hawking’s book “A Brief History of Time” It doesn’t say what most people think it says who haven’t read it. And it’s written in layman’s language for easier public consumption.

        The fact is Hawking admits in the book that his theories failed — they failed because a student of his discovered a mathematical error. Hawking freely admits it, as an honest scientist should. It doesn’t diminish the value of Hawking’s research — a disproved hypothesis is often as valuable to science as a proven one.

        Maybe Hawking doesn’t realize that politics doesn’t work the same as science — unlike honest science, politics is agenda-driven. He’s not going to get any points for miscalculations in politics. (plus I think he’s wrong about climate change if he’s referring to the global anthropogenic brand — AGW is politics not science)

  • If I could have spent my life sitting, thinking, and being catered to, I could have come up with some pretty good theories too.

    And that’s all they are – theories. Plus his main conjecture, that not even information can escape a black hole, has been ‘proven’ incorrect.

    • Minicapt

      Hypotheses … although ‘wild-ass guesses’ would be more accurate.


  • RAMA44

    It’s about time someone gives him his walking papers!

  • Alain

    Just another globalist pushing the globalist agenda for a one world government in the end.

  • J. C.

    The guy has obviously had his head in the cosmos for far too long…

  • WalterBannon

    If that is all he has to offer now, he should visit ones of Europe fine euthanasia clinics

  • Oracle9

    Just because he in his ivory tower has an aptitude for theoretical physics has no bearing on wisdom about the human condition, as if proven by his extreme naivete.

  • DD_Austin

    Most “academics” are assholes
    The TV/sitcom appearing ones are the worse
    Suksuki, Hawking, Nye

    The flipflopping bureaucratic ones come a close second

    “We simply underestimated the public’s attachment to Pluto. We realized
    our error shortly after the decision came down to demote it,” said Dr.
    Amelia Kohler, professor at the Institute of Planetary Studies and head
    of the IAU’s planetary classification and experimental nomenclature task
    force. “We didn’t think anyone would really care if a little clump of
    ice and rock on the outskirts of the solar system was reclassified.
    Clearly, we were wrong.”

    So they reclassified it back to a planet, because their “ratings” dropped.

    assholes, assholes all