Islam and the Free World: What Should be done as an imperative of Survival

“…Western leaders go out of their way to appease, to capitulate, and to give the Muslims more “protection money” and special treatment, the more the Muslims threaten us. But no less frightening is that they actively silence those among their own people who oppose the continued Islamic colonization of the Free World. The basic values of enlightenment are in danger, not only because of the emerging fanatic beliefs, but because too many people are trying to compromise the madness. When our leaders call Islam a great religion, they are appeasing, running away, if not lying outright. To call a most deadly threat to everything we cherish a great religion, legitimizes evil on the one hand and infuses the rest of us with a false belief. The Islamists have infiltrated our fortresses, our system of government and intend to ruin them from within.

It is a well-known lesson of history: more appeasement from the bullied always brings about more demands from the bully.”

One day I hope a new sort of Nuremberg trials will take place during which the Quislings, appeasers and apologists who so callously unleashed Islam into our society will face justice.

  • xavier

    Wow read excerpts Cardinal Vingt-trois’ sermon

    Here’s the full text in French

    He must’ve contacted Edmund Cardinal Burke for advice

  • “One day I hope a new sort of Nuremberg trials will take place during
    which the Quislings, appeasers and apologists who so callously
    unleashed Islam into our society will face justice.” (BCF)

    That’s why I was against the killing of Osama bin Ladin (unless it occurred in a firefight or a situation where you had not choice). Reason being is because he should have been put on public trial for crimes against humanity, etc. For all the world to see, and the issue of Islamo-fascism put out there right from day one, and its facilitators put in the hot seat. US forces could have easily captured him alive for that purpose (apparently he was unarmed). Instead, we got a very secretive assassination operation, secretive “Islamic” burial at sea, and any opportunity for a vigorous public debate which would have better informed the public of this dangerous ideology never occurred. Who knows what Bin Ladin would have revealed to interrogators or in the courtroom that would have given us a better idea about the nature of this International conspiracy, its supporters in the West, or its funders in the Saudi Kingdom. I think the Obama admin chose to kill him precisely to keep Islamism in the shadows, and the public confused and uninformed.

    • I suspect you are right, our politicians are misguided at best, but more and more I have come to believe many are simply evil.

      • xavier


        We can still do it with the Bataclan masterminds. And the returning scumbags that fought in Syria.
        There’s also that machete welde who got run into by the car.

        In any case, we got pick the exemplars so they can pontificate insufferably. Then watch in bewildement why the population recoils in horror about Islam.
        Islam is brittle; it’s the emperor with no clothes no matter how scary it is

        • I read somewhere that some of the persecuted minorities such as Yazidis who have managed to escape are able to positively identify some of these savages and there are people tracking them down. Hopefully Western authorities will follow up with arrests and prosecutions in the cases where they survive the battlefield.

          And we need to bring back the death penalty for acts of terrorism (i.e. deliberate targeting of civilians), crimes against humanity etc.

    • Waffle

      I think that the purported killing of bin Laden was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. You are right — he should have been put on trial. This would have satisfied (more or less) our need to see justice done and to reaffirm our values. Then he should have been executed.