Breaking: American Soldiers Under Siege In Turkey – No Food No Water No Power

If any other nation in the world started attacking an American military base, it would be rightly so considered an act of war. However, the fact that Incirlik is under siege right now and nothing is being done to stop the attack, and the US Government is instead flying in provisions to sustain operations there means that the US government is participating in putting US soldiers in harm’s way with no real end goal in mind. It is, just as I feared, setting up our soldiers for a massacre that will be used to further foreign policy goals at the expense of their lives.

Erdogan-merkel694887‘Mind your own business’ Erdogan blasts the West for ‘not giving condolences’ after coup

The seething president told the presidential palace: “Not a single person has come to give condolences either from the European Union… or from the West.

“And then they say that ‘Erdogan has got so angry’!

“Those countries or leaders who are not worried about Turkey’s democracy, the lives of our people, its future – while being so worried about the fate of the putschists – cannot be our friends.”

turkish militaryTurkey’s military kills 35 PKK militants after deadly attack

Turkish security forces have killed 35 and wounded 25 militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK] after they tried to take over a base in the southeastern Hakkari province early on Saturday, local media reported.

The militants attempted to take the base, but were spotted by aerial reconnaissance. An air operation was launched, killing 23 of them.