The wrath of ISIS: Four men are beheaded for helping terrified citizens escape in Iraq while women and children are executed by firing squad for trying to flee in Syria

ISIS has launched a brutal new crack down on civilians trying to flee from their territory, gunning down women and children and beheading a group of men for helping people escape.

  • Decency is the enemy of ISIS.

    Also an enemy: a drone attack.

  • I’ve always asked myself the same question: “So what happens if you don’t serenely kneel there, if you roll around or kick somebody in the nuts and fight back in every way possible until the end?”

  • xavier

    Reminds me of East Germany. The wall wasn’t to keep people out but in.

    Why should they execute the fleerer? They’re not true believers so good riddance.

    Typical totalitarianism you’ll love to stay or we’ll kill you and still you’ll stay forever

    • Jay Currie

      And, on the other hand, if French or Canadian or American citizens want to go and fight with ISIS, who are we to stop them. Although a bullet in the back of the head in the departure lounge would save ammo later.

      • xavier


        Yeah an effective way to handle traitors. Personsaly I’d like to plant a tracking device so either Traitor ™ leads bread crumbs to follow and destroy the nework. Or he’s whacked for being an spy. Either way win win

        • Jay Currie

          xavier, good idea. The tech might be a bit daunting but I am sure the boffins could come up with something.

          The general point is that these saps are a great opportunity to a) rid us of pests, b) on your suggestion, find the cockroach nests and, dare I say it, blow’em up.

          I like it.

          • xavier


            It’s a modest idea of bring the war to them. They’re paramoid as it is so why not send them over the edge. Indulge their psychotic delusions that everyone’s against them? Maybe the world just really is. 🙂

          • Psy-ops.

            I have a copy of an old CIA manual from the ’80’s (now out of Official circulation because one sentence appeared to condone the assassination of Political leaders). The important thing is they attacked the enemy from every angle including psychological, ideological, propaganda-wise, etc., which are at least three ways we are not dealing with Islamism. And we should be — none of the latter require any guns or bombs.

          • xavier


            I’ve been arguing for some time that we need to engage in both natural philosophical and theological arguments against Islam.

            I find Islam totally incoherent and despicable just from natural law and philosophies. The theological arguments are even more devasting

          • Imams should be preaching: “If you kill someone in the name of Allah you will not get 72 virgins and you may spend the afterlife eternally in hell with Satan.”

          • xavier

            Can’t happen and that’she the crux of the issue.

            Nope the only way is to force the imams to reason about their faith. Persuade us that what you claim is logical truthful and cogent

          • Oh I know my Imam idea is wishful thinking. But somebody has to directly tell their followers that they are being lied to about the moral/spiritual consequences of their actions (although possibly at a safe distance — through radio broadcasts, Internet, written material, etc.) And save the deeper arguments for the educated theological types.

          • xavier

            Fr Boutros is an outstanding example. Al queda put a 60 million $ bounty on him.

            I’d like to see the Catholic and the acephelous churches coordinate their debates and work. And then help those who want to explore more and convert

          • Churches of all sorts can play an important role in converting the people who are receptive. Although Christians and converts will likely pay with their blood if they’re in Muslim lands, as they already have. Secrecy is paramount in many situations.

          • xavier


          • Low-tech. Capture an ISIS member, clip off a finger or two, and feed them to the pigs. Let the terrorist go, with suitable electronic implants, and put a film of the event online.

            Likewise, make a fake but oh-so-convincing documentary on the new pig blood bath all the crusaders’ bullets and missile parts are soaked in. Post video online.

            Play to their fears.

  • Barrington Minge

    Only yer mooslims behave like this. Depraved.