‘Sanctions are coming’ European Union bureaucrat threatens to FREEZE job offers for men

The Commission’s budget and human resources chief said the freeze would come if institutions did not hire more women.

Kristalina Georgieva set the target of making sure 40 per cent of the top jobs in the EU went to women.

  • Allan

    And people wonder why Britain voted to leave the EU. Shake your head you moonbats. This is exactly the shit that always came down from the EU bureaucrats that pissed the British people off. That and telling them how powerful their vacuum cleaners had to be and the shape of bananas.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Anything they can do to bring down the whole temple around their ears is to be applauded. Let Europe burn.

  • Moonbat leftists.

    What are they going to do about the gender imbalance in sewer repair and nursing?

  • Gary

    So the female teachers that are about 80% of the profession in the Public school will have to let go about 50% of them to meet the 40% target to have 60% males.
    Then we have the Nurses that are about 95% women , there is another cut of 50% to hire males to balance it.
    Dental and Legal assistants will be next where 50% of those will be let go to make room for men .
    This sounds pretty good, plus the m,en will get Mat-Leave.

    • Uncommunist

      They can become rather aggressive and vindictive about protecting their supremacy in many areas

    • Alain

      No, you will never see that. Even areas where women form the majority, there is never a push to reduce their number and to increase the number of men.

  • Well I hope you’re not going to use white women, mademoiselle.

    • Uncommunist

      lol … imagine the whining ! deafening

  • How many men will be mandated to stay home and eat bonbons?

  • J. C.

    40% of ‘top jobs’ must go to women now??? Man, they REALLY want to destroy Europe fast, don’t they?!?!?!

    • Uncommunist

      I would say that women occupy the vast majority of western government positions already … – no equality there – but now they demand equality in private business, regardless of merit. Cultural marxism 101

      • Kaye92

        It can’t last long, regardless: Islam will put an end to their social engineering in the not too distant future.

  • Uncommunist

    I read once that of all government service positions – unionized with decent pay and benefits and pensions – in Canada – municipal, provincial and federal; that upwards of 80 % are filled by women. The government cannot be trusted to be truthful about those stats, they’re still demanding ‘equality’: gender wage gaps … for pushing paper 35 hours a week in an air conditioned office … compared to 60 hours a week operating a high rise crane.

    • Alain

      The “gender wage gaps” is what they call pay equity, which means that a nurse should be paid the same as a doctor. Not to do so is discrimination. It isn’t limited to the medical profession either, since a female clerk earning less than the male manager also equals discrimination according to this marxist theory. They ignore that people, male and female alike, are already paid the same when performing the same job with the same requirements.

      • tom_billesley

        Wait for reparation demands for the centuries of repression by men.

      • Gary

        Don’t be fooled by the Union leaders like Syed Rhyan at CUPE when he was in charge and boasted about how Unions for for the Rights workers have today.
        Sorry Sid, but Unions kept out women and blacks which can be proven in Detroit by the example from circa 1943 when 3 Blacks at the UAW Packard
        Plant were to be promoted to Line Jobs to assemble cars which was seen a White males only Jobs.
        History shows that close to 26,000 UAW members walked off the job and left the Packard Plant in protest of Blacks being treated as equals and work next to Whites .
        Then we have the rare jobs that women did in the UAW run Auto Plants which were often nepotism to for the women that had connection higher up and the Union didn’t rock the boat .
        YouTube has many archives 16 mm or 35 mm Shorts that ran at the Theatre’s in the 1930’s up to the mid 50’s as a Public Interest film around 6 minutes pre-movie . Industrial Films were common only about 4000 TV’s were recorded by the Census in 1946 for how many were in the homes in the USA.
        By 1952 there were about 18,000,000 and now the Films could run on TV , but the Auto Plant films showed almost all men on the assemble Line while women did the sewing for seat covers electrical items at satellite plants feeding the final assemble.

        The main reason the Ontario liberals have grown the Government by almost 30% when the Economy only grew 11% was because the upper strata for Seniority in the Public Unions are all the White males or women that were born here to Canadian parents and were hired pre-Diversity quotas in the 1980’s.
        The Diversity quotas came in for Private Business where it was easy to let go non-Union white STR8 male Christians and Citizens .
        BUT , CUPE and OPSEU would never tolerate letting go all the new Diversity Staff to save money or automate while the media would go nuts that White’s keep their jobs because of the seniority system for cut-backs.
        So the Liberals had to meet their own Diversity rule quotas that they wanted other to meet of get Fined.
        Tada, create fake jobs in new department while closing down some Offices outside Toronto and move the jobs to the 416 area and hire Diversity staff for those that didn’t want to move to Toronto.
        Ontario has seen the Government employees swell in the population even when some of the Services are now at a Kiosk or on the Internet where you deal with a person. Every business has down-sized or out-sourced and yet CUPE and OPSEU keeps growing with less work to do for more pay and better Pensions.

        I predicted that Wynne would drive up the Debt to $400 billion by a faux crisis as she spnds liek crazy to commit Election fraud one more time and pay-off the Teachers and Public Unions because the members are too stupid to see that they are part of a Ponze scheme that going to implode like ENRON or NORTEL did when they ran out of money.
        Liberals are addicted to OPM ( other people’s Money) and that Monkey on their back is now a Gorilla that wants more money which Justin is now going to drive up the Fed’s debt to $800 billion to buy the 2019 election.

    • Gary

      I can tell you for a fact based on Census canada that the non-white population is only about 11% Nationally . But you can go to a Provincial Services Office in Toronto and see some of them with 30% non-white and 75% women .
      It gets worse for muslims and gays that are about 1% and 5% yet can be 15-20% of the staff.

      Keep in mind that the BLM terrorists in Toronto are crying racism and claim that blacks are oppressed , as do the muslims.
      Note how Black businesses don’t even want to hire Black youths from welfare housing and are also being sued by Muslim employees such as the case where a hijab muslim filed a Human Rights complaint because the lunchroom didn’t comply to the halal rules to ban Pork.
      Yet, the Catholic girl that got a job at the Muslim run News paper office was fired for bringing in a Pizza slice to the lunch room that had bacon on it.

      Muslims wants others to obey islam at their business and businesses to obey Sharia when they work at them among 99% non-muslims.
      My guess is that the costumes and halal demands is to make them unemployable so they can get welfare for life and never work in canada.

      • Uncommunist

        Great points ..

  • Surele Surele

    The only qualification to get one of them jobs: vagina.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If this keeps up, the Brexit will soon be followed by the Frexit, the Nexit, the Dexit, the Czexit, maybe even the Gexit.

  • tom_billesley

    This male-female comparison seems to assume a gender diarchy
    Shame on them.