Pakistan: Muslim Mobs Kill Teen, Riot After Drug Addict Arrested for ‘Desecrating’ Quran

A 17-year-old was shot dead and a friend seriously injured by a Muslim mob in Pakistan, allegedly in retaliation for the arrest of a mentally unstable Hindu man accused of “desecrating” a copy of the Quran. Blasphemy remains a crime in Pakistan, emboldening mobs to attack religious minorities when one is accused of anti-Islamic behavior.

  • Ed

    “…in retaliation for the arrest of a mentally unstable Hindu man …”

    How the hell can you tell over there???

  • simus1

    semi feral muslim Dumpsterstanis likes to gang up, kill helpless infidels, break stuff.
    One of the few happy highlights available in their shitty lives.

  • Gary

    Amazing how these people believe the god lives inside the tree pulp used for the quran and they will murder people that disrespect the tree pulp and YET they deny they are part of a death-cult .

    In Canada, we have the mentally ill muslims that believe the god lives inside the stones, mortar , steel and glass that make up their mosque. The illness is so bad that they rarely say a word when a muslim goes jihad in canada to behead people and yet when a mosque has a minor damage with NO evidence for how it happened…..the Imam calls 9-1-1 to report it as a hate-crime and islamophobia.

    These are sick people that don’t see anything wrong with a fellow muslim murdering non-muslims but they go ape when a quran or mosque is damaged.
    No wonder the Mothers are okay with strapping bombs onto their children to kill the filthy unbelievers.