Horror at German shopping centre as knifeman stabs worker

The man apparently lunged out at a member of staff in the store after grabbing one of the blades on display.

Lo-tech is the new approach.

  • xavier

    Yeah and so chainlink armour and maces.

    I think it’s time we get very medieval. We should club them like baby seals, bash their heads in with steel batons. maybe even bring back the gladius with the new metals and composites to make it even more lethal.

    We basically have to stun them by doing the unexpected like fighting back with the aim of killing them. The Europeans are close to losing their composure and I’ll be scared when it happens

    • Slickfoot

      And any mosk that produces terrorists should be bulldozed.

  • ed

    notice no description from police, but very quick to determine he had mental health problems !!! I think by now we all no that`s ” code ” for muslim !!!

  • Slickfoot

    If a small group of like minded people simply started whacking the most strident imams… Start visiting death and destruction on those calling for it, they might just start to tone it down.

  • Linda1000

    Look at the number or density of people on the shopping street in Cologne. As if, the country needs more immigrants when one can barely walk or weave though people on the street?

  • Ed

    You know the stabbed workman wasn’t Muslim, because he was working.