Germany: misunderstanding at doctor’s office leads to threatened decapitation

The doctor was in the middle of a surgery when his wife at the reception desk called for help. The physician ran to the front — right into the arms of the armed man. “He yelled ‘allahu akbar’. Then he wanted to behead me!”

The two sons held down the surgeon. “Their father kept yelling at me: ‘Apologize to my son, get on your knees and kiss his hand’,” he says. The office broke out in panic; one 82-year-old female patient even fled out of the window.

  • pdxnag

    We all need a “Safe-Space” from Muslims. But how? Only by excluding every last Muslim from within our borders. There is no effective alternative means.

  • Martin B

    See how splendidly seventh century savages get along with modern civilization?

  • BradThomas

    It’s good to know that we in Canada can look forward to these sorts of civilized exchanges becoming more or less common occurrences in the near future, due to the ever increasing percentage of muslims in our wonderful society. As the saying goes, A threatened beheading on a cold winter’s morning gets the old blood a’flowing … so to speak.

  • vwVwwVwv

    now the bunch of arabs (climing to be sort of palestinian what arabs aer not)
    are allowed to go home, the whol clan of 30. the knife disapeared
    and no body knows if mrs. Dr. will survive the hart
    atack she got during the incident

  • vwVwwVwv

    wher ever you are, arm yourself, a flintlock is beter than nothing.

  • Strange.

    Some misunderstandings end with some nasty words, not beheadings.

    • ntt1

      It’s following mo’way he was a man of violence not a great debater