2 San Diego police officers shot, one suspect in custody

The shooting comes with law officers around the country on alert following the killing of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this month.

Update – San Diego Police says an officer who was shot earlier has died

  • Oracle9

    I have been concerned for some time of the militarization of the police, but never thought that the race-baiting of the political leaders would be the cause. Seems Obama is setting up conditions to justify martial law, which will guarantee him as dictator for life.

    • Hard Little Machine

      The BLMtards lost an enormous advantage when they took what is a genuine problem – the militarization of the police – and turned it into a racial issue.

  • huron

    what is this milttia stuff for?

  • Gary

    How odd that it seems to happen right after every speech by Obama where he bashing the USA, Whites and Cops.

  • BillyHW

    America would be so great without all the black and hispanics being degenerates.