Uh Oh…Obamanoids and Castronoids meeting to discuss “reparations”

Representatives of the deeply pro-Castro Obama administration will be meeting this Thursday and Friday with representatives of the Castro regime in Washington D.C. to discuss mutual compensation issues.”

  • simus1

    First agenda item:

    “Chicago Rules” or “Havana Rules” ?

  • Gary

    So what about Spain’s oppression that cause the 1906 Platte Amendment to Lease GITMO bay for the US Navy base to protect Cuba from Spain returning to take it back .
    If Hillary closes GITMO Navy Base and pulls back all of the staff, Cuba is on it’s own which means that ISIS would love to get a foot in Cuba to launch attacks by Boats on Florida or the Oil Platforms in the Gulf.
    The lease was about $400.00 a year but later was $400.00 a month , it then went to $4000.00 a year but with inflation I believe it’s now $4000.00 a Month.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Holy fuck.

  • Exile1981

    obamanoids and castroids…. those both sound like types of hemmoroids.

  • I blame Mitt Romney. Seriously. Because he had the election in the bag, but “choked” as the Donald puts it.

    Consequently it’s Obama’s second term that has been the most damaging in terms of successfully implementing radical Left-wing policies. And he will continue to implement them until his last day in office — to pave the way for Hillary. Paul Ryan needs to get up off his ass and pay attention to what Obama is currently doing instead of worrying about Trump’s “politically-incorrect” free speech during the campaign.

    p.s. and everybody needs to put aside differences and start tapping into people like Marco Rubio — he’s a brilliant critic of the Castro regime.