Trump says ‘of course I’m being sarcastic’ with comment about Russian hackers looking for Hillary’s emails

Donald Trump insisted on Thursday that he wasn’t being serious when he said a day earlier that he hoped Russian hackers found the more than 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted from her private server.

‘Of course I’m being sarcastic,’ Trump said in an interview with the ‘Fox & Friends’ morning show, emphasizing that he had no way of knowing that Russian hackers had scoured Clinton’s emails before she began culling them.

And he said the Democratic Party’s other email scandal – 20,000 hacked messages published by WikiLeaks – is the real story.

  • Surele Surele

    The sad testimony on the Dems is the fact that he had to explain this. Or are they pretending the outrage? Both?

    • Again the media demonstrates its bias by faking outrage over sarcasm.

      Or are they really that stupid?

      • Maggat


  • Shebel

    I hope the Russians were listening.

    • Uncommunist


  • Mal

    If (when?) Trump wins the presidency it will give me a shiver of pleasure to see Hillary’s reaction as she sees her monstrous life’s goal dissolve forever. The mountains of filthy lucre that she has criminally amassed would never ever make up for that loss.