The Lawless Anti-White Identity Politics of the Democratic Party Is on Full Display in Philly

If George Wallace had stood in the schoolhouse door and received the rapturous applause of thousands, slobbery encomiums from the mainstream media, and the blessings of one of the two major party nominees for president of the United States, you would have had something approximating what occurred in Philadelphia over the first two days of the Democratic convention.
  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When you finally social-signal to everyone, all of the time, about everything, then does the practice collapse?
    I hope so, because if that’s the case, then the end of this horror may be at hand.

    • El Martyachi


      • Drunk_by_Noon

        No sh*t!
        There will always be some stupid reason assholes will try to use to show they are better than everyone else.

  • BillyHW

    How can any self-respecting white person vote Democrat?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ideologically based self-hatred makes people do extremely stupid shit.

      That is the difference between America/American-loving Trump Train riders, and the self-loathing, America/American-hating progressive left who vote Democrat.

      • Will Quest

        The ‘ Feed-Me ‘ screams from the identity politics beast will eventually wake up these ‘ progressive’ simpletons to the stark reality of the monster they’ve created……..

    • Alain

      How could any self-respecting person of any colour or creed vote Democrat?

  • xavier

    So this woodrow wilson’s legacy.

    What a pernicious man he was. How did he ever get elected?

  • jack burns

    All is baby mama. No baby daddy?

  • Cat-astrophe

    The dems are ready for the population split to finally be 51% non white. (it will just have to get close, there will always be the die hard dems who vote no matter what)

    They are getting ready to go to the other side of the mountain, then we will get to see the fabric rip.

    No more Mister White Guy,
    No more Mister Clean,
    No more Mister White Guy,
    They say he’s sick, he’s obscene

  • John

    I guess they couldn’t find any Black fathers. Are all of these Black women single mothers?

    As for race and votes? Whites still constitute 72% of the population. Some will no doubt vote Democrat, but most will probably vote for Trump ( for various reasons). Hillary courts the Black and Hispanic vote. However those communities tend to be much more apathetic when it comes to politics, and so what percentage of them will actually vote? The most enthusiastic voters are White males. They show up at the polls in very high numbers. However, hardly any of them will be supporting Hillary. 2016 Will probably see far more ‘hanging chads’ than the elections of 2000.