“Start-up cities” for refugees: a long-term solution to the refugee crisis?

I propose to create what I call “free havens”, which really are newly created cities, governed by officials from countries with a high level of rule of law, and where any refugee could go to. This idea is very similar to the concept of “startup cities” or “private cities”, whereby cities would be created by private investors from scratch in a bid to create a much nicer place to live than in existing cities and to provide a more beneficial investment climate by offering a much stronger protection of property rights than elsewhere. A territory should be rented from a state, similar to how the British leased Hong Kong from China for 100 years, but this time a fair price should obviously be paid to the landlord.

This is outrageous. Inviting an invading army into your country is treason; giving them territory is asking to be enslaved.

  • GhostCity

    Here’s what I propose: Do a simple google search for ‘china empty cities’, and you will be AMAZED how many CITIES there are, that can house a MILLION people per city. Perfectly functional cities, all empty, wasting away.

    But that is not the agenda, you see. The agenda is to make chaos on the world stage, and you cannot make chaos when you think in terms of common sense and logic. That would be to better the situation, and that is not in the “plan”.

    Not a single “refugee” had to step inside either the USA, or EU with these empty cities just ripe for the taking. Better yet, other countries could have paid to house the refugees OVER THERE, and not bring them inside their own boarders.

    But alas, that is not in the “plan”:

  • ed

    the arctic ! that will keep the polar bears happy

  • Ego

    “Pieter Cleppe represents independent think tank Open Europe in Brussels”

    Says it all.

    Heh, “Open Europe” — Europe is already spread wide.

  • Martin B

    Oh goody. Instant banlieues! That will solve all our problems.

  • tom_billesley

    Startup City Guantanamo?

  • Dana Garcia

    How about some nice large rafts equipped with tents, out past the swimmable limit?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islamic Autonomous Regions.

    Told ya

  • What about letting them colonize the Sun – or an earthbound facsimile?