Nice Attack Remembrance March Banned Due To Islamist Threat

More than 10,000 people indicated on Facebook that they would attend the “white march” to remember the 84 who died and the dozens still in hospital.

“Given the very strong mobilisation of law enforcement and emergency and threat, the Alpes-Maritimes authorities have decided not to allow the white march that was to be held Sunday”, authorities announced today in a statement, Le Figaro reports.

‘White march’? Things are getting interesting.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    White Riot.

    • France has allowed rats in the cheese factory and wonders why the rats are multiplying.

  • Ego

    I hope the ban will be ignored. Will law enforcement then turn on the population?

    • Editor

      They did in Calais a few months ago. They got caught off guard when illegals burned down the camp and rampaged through town but were ready with the water cannons for the counter demonstration by citizens the next day.

  • huron

    salute adieu

  • tom_billesley

    As long as it’s not a white flag march.

  • Gary

    This will be canada one day because muslims will make it a violent hell-hole like many of the islamic nations they have poisoned.

    My hope is that Barbara Hall will be arrested retro-actively for her treason to aid and bet in the Jihad when it become the norm here . She approved the jew-hating homophobic Mosque in the valley Park public school which helped McLiar get the MPP seat for Wynne.
    Hall has been one of the useful-idiots too stupid to see that there is a noose with her name on it once the islamists get in power. The Rainbow groups have also been close to the islamists and have supported hamas as well as the spreading of sharia .
    The Orlando slaughter in a gay bar by a devout muslim should have gotten their attention, but Obama and Lynch-mob Loretta plus Comey a at the FBI have yet to see a Motive for the shooting.

    Islam wants gay DEAD….. Barbara Hall and Wynne will have blood on their hands when hate bombs go off in gay bars or at PRIDE parades. The Boston jihad was to joggers, imagine how pleased allah will be when they slaughter gay infidels.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It will soon be a hate crime NOT to be murdered by an Islamic maniac.