List of elected officials and other community leaders endorsing the NCCM Islamophobia charter

On July 4, 2016, elected officials and community leaders were invited by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) to give a public endorsement to its Islamophobia charter in public events that were organized in six Canadian cities (Vancouver, Calgary, London, Windsor, Toronto, and Montreal). Point de Bascule already reported on this initiative:

Point de Bascule (July 7, 2016): NCCM Islamophobia charter in six Canadian cities / In London, police Chief John Pare joined with a former leader of the terror-funding Libyan WICS, Munir El-Kassem

As noted in a report broadcast by the Belgian public TV network RTBF shortly after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the concept of ‘Islamophobia’ is being used by the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations close to it to prevent any criticism of Islam. In this Belgian TV report, sociologist Gilles Kepel highlighted that “Islamophobia is a weapon being used against non-Muslims who criticize Islam. It is also being used against those Muslims who have a wrong interpretation of Islam, in other words an interpretation that they disagree with.

  • Observer

    We need to print this out to distribute this list when we experience our first mass Jihad attack to remind Canadians of the quislings.

    • Maggat

      It’s saved and tucked away for future reference.

  • Exile1981

    The mayor of calgary endorsed it but he’s not on that list.

    • Alain

      I see the “Conservative” MP endorsed it.

  • John

    I see Bernie Farber is there. A Certain Dr Anne Forrest, a Women’s and Gender Studies Director, has signed as well. Imagine, a director of women’s and gender studies endorses a scam established by members of the most misogynistic ideology on earth.

    One wonders, do some members of the NCCM have the inside track on coming jihadist atrocities and are doing this as a preemptive measure?

  • Gary

    It will be handy for a War Crimes trial for those that enable the islamofascists to slaughter canadians in mass.
    They will claim that they were lied to or just Following orders to sign it.

    The NCCM is the new version of the Hamas funding CAIR that aided in Maher Arar’s $400,000,000.00 extortion and coaches msulism to not help the FBI or RCMP. Omar Alghabra is an adviser to Justin , he was the head of the CAF that coached Muslims and Arabs to not help the RCMP. In 2006, the then head of the CAF was on a radio show and said the over 80% of the muslims in Canada support hezballah’s illegal war on Israel from Lebanon .
    It was CAIR’s Dr.Sheema Khan that had a notice at the 2006 Mississauga “muslimfest” that advised Muslims that their Zakat was Halal to donate to the fund to aid Hezballah. CAIR also ran a workshop for youth to tell them about Jihad for allah to claim Canada for islam one day .

    Nobody in the media cared about my links to prove what I told them, plus, Carolyn Parrish was the Lib MP and didn’t care when i pointed out what she was supporting as a festival of peace that canadians can learn from.
    CAIR was educating muslim youth to obey the quranic verses to fight in allah’s cause to make canada an islamic state.

    Imam Steve Rockwell has said the same thing on the radio and on his weekly TV show that the CRTC still allows. Not once has the CBC reported on this about Rockwell’s show calling for jihad attacking canada to claim it for allah.

  • simus1

    Lefty vote whores and assorted worshipers at die rot MerkelKirchen.
    Good to see they are not leaving all the heavy lifting to their German broderbund