Jihadi France: A dark colonial past. Ghettoes. The threat of an Islamic insurgency… and this is just the beginning of unprecedented bloodshed

The statistics are stomach-churning: almost 250 innocents have been murdered in France in the past 18 months by terrorists — more than the total number of French nationals killed by them in the entire 20th century.

But as the country reels from the latest ISIS atrocity — the beheading of a beloved elderly priest at the altar of his Catholic church in a quiet Normandy village — the fear is that this wave of unprecedented bloodshed marks only the opening salvo.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If Hollande declares that France is at war, why isn’t he acting like he is fighting the battle? Sheesh!

  • xavier

    Well this one of the consequences of not prosecuting the Vichyvollaborators because the French communists would’ve stoked a civil war that country wouldn’t have survived. It’d be like the Spanish Civil war only magnified a 100 times.

    The second consequence was designed Gaulle absolutely callous and immoral abandoning of the hakris and piednoirs.

    The Algerian war was a continuation of the quasi civil war from 1940

  • Ed

    “…For the radicalisation of a small, but significant, Muslim minority intent on joining the jihad is, in part, the consequence of the nation’s bloody colonial past and its failure to integrate its vast Muslim population…”

    You can’t integrate a population that doesn’t want to integrate. Explore other alternatives.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just blame the Jews and move on.