Foreign Byron Burger staff ‘have gone into hiding’: 150 ‘disappear’ as immigration officials KICK 35 workers out of the country after raiding a training day

Up to 150 foreign Byron Burger staff may have gone into hiding today after 35 colleagues were rounded up in an immigration sting allegedly set up by the company.

Workers at 15 restaurants in London were lured to work at 9.30am on July 4 on the pretence of a health and safety meeting only to come face to face with border force staff.

The Home Office confirmed last night that 35 employees from Albania, Brazil, Nepal and Egypt were held in early morning raids and face deportation.

The workers, who had allegedly obtained jobs using false documents, were interviewed and arrested on suspicion of breaching immigration laws.

According to the campaign group ‘SHAME on BYRON – No one is Illegal’ up to 150 other staff have now gone into hiding fearing they might be thrown out of Britain.


  • BillyHW

    Treasonous bastards.

  • Alain

    Why do countries in the West waste time, money and resources chasing after illegal workers? The only effective approach would be to issue serious fines and even jail time for any employer hiring them.

  • bob e

    make it a hefty fine to room illegals .

    • Alain

      Yes, that too.

  • ed

    in the uk you can buy a full set of forged and altered ID .passports , bank details , utility bills, national insurance numbers ,credit cards , fake diplomas, , it`s a billion dollar a year industry ,all these scams are run by migrants themselves , [ any company found employing an illegal £10.000 fine per illegal ] Byron got the border force in as the fake IDs are so good there personal staff can`t tell the difference !

    • Alain

      Then in this case the business is not guilty and should not be fined. That is very different from those who knowingly hire illegals in my view.

  • Ed

    This will scare the elites. They might not show up on voting day!!!