Extremist books ‘found in prisons seven months after warnings’

The Ministry of Justice says all extremist books have been removed from prisons, after jihadi texts were found in chaplaincies seven months after the government was warned about the potential dangers.

The presence of the books – including antisemitic texts and literature that is thought to have inspired terrorism – was reported in November in a review of extremism in jails by the former prison governor Ian Acheson.

The BBC reported that the texts were still being discovered in prisons last month. At least one of the five extremist books identified by Acheson was found in nine prison chaplaincies during a follow-up review, the corporation said.

  • Dana Garcia

    Islam should be banned from prisons, including printed material and imams pitching the chopper ideology, because it empowers and rationalizes violence: if a psycho killer dedicates his murders to allah, then it’s all cool. In fact, the perp gets paradise and and a passel of virgins.

    That’s a very strange religion.

  • Gary

    Those books were qurans .