Delegates Stage Mass Walk Out At the 2016 Democrat National Convention

To say the Democrat National Convention has thus far been a disaster is an understatement.

It’s more like a plane crashing into the titanic as a meteor hits the planet with the earth going into a black hole—it is that bad.

  • Linda1000

    You have to admit, the Republican convention was just so much more normal than this Democorrupt train wreck so far. From the main stage being draped in U.S. flags, the music, no wall barriers, the audiences’ enthusiasim, the great speeches, the Republicans threw one hell of a party in spite of a few trying to wreck it. At least it felt “all American”. The Democorrupt’s myopic mania is just too weird – they act weird, look weird, sound weird.

    • Linda1000

      I mean really? A bouncy White House (no left wing, no right wing) for what I don’t know and a typical Democrat moonbat voter?

      • Exile1981

        a bouncy castle? boy that says a lot right there.

  • Don’t be so pessimistic, mouse. Utopia will arise again out of the ashes, comrade!

    Whether you chose to take the “Trump train”, or the “Bernie bus”, nothing can compare with that bus experience:

  • barryjr

    I watch the news all the time and just learned of this. I guess that’s what happens when camp only shows MSM

  • The Butterfly

    I’d walk out too if Bernie sold me out like he sold them out.