After attacks, Merkel cuts short holiday to face refugee policy storm

“All our predictions have been proven right,” Horst Seehofer, Bavaria’s state premier and a long-standing critic of Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, said on Tuesday. “Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany.”

german train attacker

‘Merkel is RUINING our country!’ Germans revolt over four savage attacks by Muslims in a week… and blame ISIS terror attacks on the million refugees she welcomed in a year

Angela Merkel’s open door policy to refugees is no longer welcomed in Germany following four savage Muslim attacks in a week.

Attitudes to Syrians seeking asylum has hardened after ISIS suicide bomber Mohammad Daleel blew himself up outside a wine bar in the quiet in the quiet Barvarian market town of Ansbach.

Other violence over the space of four days in the last week has left Germans feeling vulnerable and afraid. A new survey found that 83 per cent of Germans see immigration as their nation’s biggest challenge – twice as many as a year ago.

  • Martin B

    Holiday?! This hag shouldn’t be on holiday, she should be on the gallows. In front of a huge cheering crowd.

    • Alain

      I agree but remember that the same should apply to all those aiding her in the destruction of their country. Without the aid of all those who enforce her policies and protect her from the citizens, she could do nothing.

      • Maggat

        How true, whereas Hitler was responsible for the tragedy of WW2 and all the damage it did Hitler could NOT have done it with out the total backing of of his fellow travelers.

  • mauser 98

    not is..has ruined it permanently

    • infedel

      Nothing is permanent…Spain kicked islam out; although it took too long to do so. Hopefully ridding Europe of islam this time will be quicker.

      • simus1

        Much of the “heavy lifting” involved in reclaiming Spain from islam was done by imported muslim Berber mercenaries who didn’t consider the wealthy ethnic Spanish collaborators who had been muslims for hundreds of years to be “real muslims” so they were quite lootable after being put to death. Since there was some reluctance on the part of F and I’s ethnic Spanish Christian troops to take stern measures with such wealthy and similar to them in appearance people, it all worked out to perfection.

      • mauser 98

        Ok..give or take 800 years

        • infedel

          Ha! Fair enough. Time to ban islam as we already have sedition laws on the books and can declassify islam as a religion.

  • Gary

    It was about 14 months ago that ISIS went public to tell the West they were going to flood it refugees and send in the Jihadists to do terrorism.
    How f’d up can Merkel or France be to be Shocked that muslim migrants are doing what ISIS warned them would happen.

    We all know that Justin is a useful-idiot with pro-sharia hamas supporting Muslims as MP’s . But France and Germany are Real Countries run by Adults
    which makes this worse because they must be complicit in this and getting paid-off because ISIS told them what was going to happen yet they scratch their heads looking for a motive .

    It’s the quran stupid.

    • rick

      But don’t worry,Europe-your clue-er-fearless leaders will cut these bastards down with a barrage of bromides,a volley of vacuity,a fusillade of flatulence-sheeeit,you poor schlubs are well and truly f*cked!

  • simus1

    A Merkel with a gram of integrity left would have either defected to turkey or got out her old east German made Makarov and killed herself.
    A total no class act.