A third of Danish people believe the country is at war with Islam, survey claims

The survey asked 1,045 adults whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement “Denmark, together with the rest of the Western world, is at war with the religion of Islam and not just radicalised Muslims”.

Thirty-three per cent agreed, while a further 56 per cent disagreed and 11 per cent said they did not know.

  • Denmark- the good news/ 33% paying attention
    The bad news 66% unteachable progressives.

  • Alain

    The question itself is incorrect, perhaps phrased so on purpose. It seeks to perpetuate the lie that Muslims are the real victims in a war the West is waging on Islam. As the question is posed, one must answer in the negative, because Islam is clearly at war with not only the West, but the whole non Muslim world. The West including Denmark denies the reality, and refuses recognise Islam as a wartime enemy.