The Gravest Threat to America is the Democratic Party

The world is cascading into oblivion and the Democratic Party nominee is a woman whose policies helped create ISIS, whose policies created chaos in Libya and Egypt and Syria and in Iraq. The Democratic Party nominee is a woman responsible for the “Russian Reset”, which ignited a new Cold War.

Yesterday, 61 people spoke at the DNC. Not one speaker discussed the worldwide cancer of ISIS. Not one. Instead, there were incessant calls for gender neutrality, open borders, unlimited immigration and destroying Wall Street, even though their criminal nominee is Wall Street’s biggest ghost payroller.

As of tonight, there has been no talk about strengthening the military, much the military at all. There has been no discussion of national security. Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of Hollywood liberals to the podium like Elizabeth Banks and Eva Longoria, who said that “Her family never crossed the border. The border crossed us.” What the hell is she talking about? Is that some kind of La Raza double speak? Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of female speakers who look like escapees from a public school administration and who hammer the audience with the traditional nauseating plate of women’s rights issues that the world has heard for 45 years.

  • Alain

    Indeed the whole Democrat Party is the biggest threat to their country, just as here it is the Liberal/NDP parties. Putting any of them in charge of the country is putting enemy agents in charge.

    • Clausewitz

      Don’t know how these people continue to live their lives with their heads so firmly and completely shoved up their asses.

      • Alain

        Unfortunately they live their lives extremely well at our expense.

  • The Butterfly

    Ted Kennedy destroyed America with his immigration bill.

    • Dr ExCathedra

      That, and the Civil Rights Act, back to back, has been the knife in the heart of the Republic.

  • Minicapt

    Miss Longoria is apparently the ninth generation of her Tex-Mex family to be born in Texas.