Oh, NOES, showing their CAIR roots, Muslim group in Canada starts their own whine fest about “Islamophobia”

Formerly known as designated terrorist group CAIR, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) ignores the real reasons for the rise in anti-Muslim backlash, which they incorrectly label “Islamophobia.” There’s nothing phobic about not liking people who want to kill you and take over your country.

  • reidjr

    You should be following what is going on in Ottawa its a complete gong show now what am I talking about a muslim died the other day in the hands of police but to the gong show part some have said its because he is muslim now this all started at a coffee shop where there was multi 911 calls on this person.
    People are upset at the people who called 911 saying its racist because its a person of colour to add videos have been leaked and yes its bad but things were claim until BLM found out about this with all of this said I am very worried what will happen if Siu finds the cops did nothing wrong.

  • A priest was beheaded in the middle of Mass. It is so bleeding obvious who did it and why.

    In order for these mental midgets to definitely state that there is anti-Muslim backlash, Catholics would have to behead imams every Friday in their temples of misogyny until the freeloaders left Canada for good.

    These @$$holes grow tiresome every second.

  • GrimmCreeper

    … “When Muslim women are attacked in the streets, when mosques are vandalized or when people face prejudice in their workplace or school, it is not only Canadian Muslims that suffer..” No, but it’ll be a good start.

    • Clausewitz

      When was the last time a Muslim person or institution was attacked in Canada and it didn’t turn out to be a scam?

    • Alain

      Man how I would love finally to witness some of this backlash.