Welsh schoolgirl was ‘kept in a cage by her father for four years in Saudi Arabia after he accused her of un-Islamic behaviour’

A Welsh schoolgirl has been kept prisoner in a cage by her own father for more than four years after she was accused of un-Islamic behaviour, a court heard yesterday.

h/t Brenda

  • ntt1

    Not welsh no Islam tradition in Wales just leeks ,sheep abuse and singing at the bottom of deep holes in the ground

    • Clausewitz

      This reminds me of when Obama claimed that the US was not a Christian nation but a Muslim nation.

      • ntt1

        To obummer the US is a Muslim country.a golf playing Muslim country

  • Ego

    Who’dathunk the Welsh are Muslims?

    • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

      Well, being a left-wing fuck-knuckle and a mudslime often goes hand in hand.

  • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

    Alright, I knew the Taffies had a soft spot for wooly animals, but this is downright awkward.

  • Brenda

    Amina and Mohammed Al Jeffery are names with a nice Welsh ring to them, kind of like Llewellyn or Myfanwy.

    • ntt1

      Consonant heavy implausible names are not the Welshman fault the evil Saxon bastards drove off all their vowels a millienna ago,never to be seen again

  • ed

    pleeeeeeeeese if you are not “celtic” you are not welsh ,never have been, never will be !!!!!!! SHOULD READ ” muslim invader born in wales ” [ oh by the way I am now classed as white british ]

  • But this is a custom, or so I’ve heard.

  • xavier

    Proof that Islam respects women far more than any other religions or philosophy. To deny Islam’s superior treatment of women just shows how stiffnecked you are and justifies jihad!

  • barryjr

    This is what PM Shit-for-brains wants to bring to Canada.