Media in denial over Islamist terror

While the rest of the world reels from the shock of recent Islamist terror attacks in Germany and France, our ruling elite and media seem to be in a state of denial, if not fear, of being labelled “Islamophobic”.

The talking heads that feed our 24/7 news appetite on networks like CNN and the BBC best illustrate this condition.

  • Daviddowntown

    That’s all well and good Mr Fatah but your continued attachment to the death cult makes it very difficult for me to take your protestations of their barbarity seriously.

  • simus1

    The MSM immediately goes into deride, delay, defocus, and disinform mode when news events not to their liking threaten to overwhelm and take the spotlight off their marxist talking points crafted to push the agreed agenda for the day.

  • Alain

    Just read on Jihad Watch that the BBC reported the suicide bomber attack in Germany as : Syrian migrant killed in German blast. Of course the BBC is far from unique in this kind of distortion, which is why perhaps it is time to identify the enemy within who aids, abets and covers for the invading enemy.