Geneva airport on lockdown after ‘bomb threat’ as Europe is on edge over terror attacks

Geneva police have increased a deployment at the Swiss city’s airport and are conducting a sweep of identity papers and other checks after receiving a tip-off in connection with an investigation in neighboring France.

Police spokesman Sylvain Guillaume-Gentil says the enhanced measures are not linked to the hostage-taking and killing of a priest at a church in Normandy on Tuesday, but would not comment further.

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Update: Wife calls in airport bomb threat to halt fleeing husband

A woman has admitted phoning in a bomb threat that sparked sharply raised security at Geneva Airport in a bid to stop her husband from leaving.

The false alarm caused hours of traffic chaos at the busy airport on the French-Swiss border after Geneva police received information of the call from their French counterparts.

  • moraywatson

    Security tip of the day: Don’t allow muslim-totalitarian-supremacists to cross your borders, unless they are leaving.

  • ntt1

    Not terror it is kuran driven Muslim aggression

  • Surele Surele

    Do I thank God (and my husband) for leaving Europe some eons ago? Every day!

    • Linda1000

      Yes, but you ended up in another socialist hellhole called Canada, especially now with Trudope in charge. I’m trying to figure out how to claim asylum in the U.S. if Trump is elected.

      • Surele Surele

        Believe me, it is not the same. Waiting to get an apartment; over 8 years. Permission to get a telephone , if you have connections (pun not intended) about 5 years. If you don’t, even longer. A mini Fiat, after paying for it, about 10 years. Passport and travels at the whim of bureaucrats, and only after ‘tipping under the table’. And so on and on. Not to mention food lines, hours and hours, hoping there will be still meat when it’s your turn. One ‘positive’ aspect; you really appreciated when finally you received your goods.

        • Linda1000

          Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany would be my guess (one of the Eastern European countries). So many of us Westerners (or at least I don’t) have no idea what it is like in socialist or Communist governed countries for day-to-day living for ordinary people. Well, you see how much fluffy, airhead news we get in Canada which must make you laugh.

  • Paging BillyHW. Paging BillyHW. BillyHW to the blog, please.

  • Exile1981

    Ahhh another day and another islamic attack against the west…. its almost like we are under attack by a hostile totalitarian idiology…

  • SDMatt

    Ho hum, just another day in Merkel’s Germany:

    An explosion went off close to an office for migration in the town of Zirndorf near Nuremberg on Wednesday, German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk reported, adding that it was not yet known whether there were any casualties.

    The broadcaster said on its website that a suitcase filled with aerosols was detonated, adding that it was unknown who had caused the explosion.

  • The summer of blood continues.

    The Islamofascists have plenty to be angry at the Swiss.