Canadian police under scrutiny after black man dies after an altercation with officers

Police in Ottawa have spent the last few days defending their actions amid calls that the death of Abdi — a Muslim who is originally from Somalia — was racially motivated.

  • Jabberwokk

    Because we really need to copy everything the US does including having our own BLM chapter and now racist black/brown killing cops because all the cool kids are doing it. How Candian. Honestly pushing this garbage should be grounds for deportation.

    • Yep, and we did the same thing with Occupy Wall Street — a totally American phenomenon based on banking events in the U.S. that had no parallel in Canada. And I’m sure if Trump builds a wall with Mexico there will be a “Tear Down the Wall” movement likewise in Canada to tear down the non-existent wall that Canada has with Mexico.

      It’s purely ideological with no basis in material reality. Almost religious in terms of its disconnect from the real world — a sort of Left-wing atheist religion imposed on the Canadian population. Although I wouldn’t be the first to point out the parallels of Socialism with State-imposed religion.

      • john700

        In the US, the BLM types blame the supposed police racism on slavery and Jim Crow. Those don’t apply in Canada. What’s the made-up reason for the made-up offence in Canada?

        • Even in the U.S. the fact is no Black person alive today was ever a slave, and no White person alive today was ever a slave owner. No one today is responsible for slavery or suffered slavery or has any living memory of slavery — that culture has been long dead and buried.

          But a Marxist revolution is based on conflict, as well as victim groups in order to justify that conflict. And since genuine victim groups have practically disappeared in contemporary Western democracies (in terms of groups systemically targeted by the State), then Marxists have to create new groups — or at least create the public perception that their groups are “victims”. Likewise they have to create false “perpetrators” (you can’t have a victim without a perpetrator). If the Marxist revolution is successful then the State places the perceived victim group(s) in a position of dictatorship over the perceived perpetrator group(s). The State appropriates the role of victim — permanently.

          To me the actions of the organizations in question make perfect sense if their goal is a Marxist/Communist revolution based on the classic victim-group/conflict model, enforced by Marx’s principle of “dictatorship of the proletariat”.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            The Occupy Movement in Winnipeg was so sad.
            Hippies in tents didn’t last much longer after the weather got under minus twenty Celsius.

      • Jabberwokk

        The reason is because both religion and politics are rules made by men to control other men. They have the same goals so they run the same course. It’s pretty easy to win arguments when you can say I’ve been divinely appointed to rule you and to oppose me is to oppose divinity. Of course divinity in this case has been replaced with Marx, Humanism, and Materialism.

        Coincidentally those three things have no sway in Islamic tradition and hence why they are wining the culture wars is Europe but I digress.

      • Minicapt

        “Occupy Wall Street” was a Canadian export, devised by a Vancouver anti-advertising magazine.


    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Maybe they’ll eventually demand their very own Sovereign Territory…like our beloved First Nations…..Jane-Finch Township, maybe a good chunk of Norfolk-Haldimand where the watermelons and wacky-tabacky grow best…

  • Millie_Woods

    If Abdi was back home where he belongs, he’d still be alive…..not that I care.

    • john700

      Somalia?! He would have died years ago. Not that I care 😛

      • dukestreet

        You are correct.

  • ntt1

    He was resisting arrest and ignoring police orders. Muslims have to be shown they are subject to our laws. Being a black Muslim does not give you a pass

    • barryjr

      According to CAIR and Black Lies Matter it does.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …looks like his life will end up being worth something after all….

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Black Somali Muslims: I can feel the cultural and genetic enrichment already! Why are we importing people into this nation who contribute little, are a potential terrorist threat, have high rates of first cousin marriage and therefore higher rates of autism and lower avg IQs, etc.?

    Oh, yeah, Emperor Justin Trudeau claims Canada is the first post-national nation, Canada has no real history, 1867 is too far in the past to remember who actually lived here in pre-multicultural Canada…

  • K1

    1) This mentally ill man was a frequent visitor to the coffee shop to bother people THEY ALL KNEW HE WAS MENTALLY ILL! …
    why did they not call the HOSPITAL?!!!!!!
    The hospital is for dealing with sick people not the Police
    2) Islam uses their people to the sacrificial glory of the Jihad and making infidels pay the Jizya….be suspicious in this case
    3) Organized Police vs Organized Somali….. Therefore you have to consider an Organized Gang shake up
    4) MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM IS BEING USED BY ORGANIZED CRIME…. Organized Crime will have their soldiers get labelled mentally ill a few years before they do big jobs ( very easy to get the label as you only have to have about 6 easy symptoms to act out and then you have your label) ….thus a lighter sentence
    5) Black Lives Matter creating situations like In the USA so they can grow their brand$$$$$$$$$

    • john700

      Hey, don’t forget to take your pills!

    • freakypete98

      Hospitals don’t have a pick up service for the mentally ill. The police are the ones that have to pick them up and wait with them for hours in the hospital until the are admitted. It’s a huge waste of time and money. Chances are they are released to do the exact same thing over again.

      • dukestreet

        Time to reopen the mental hospitals that were closed to save the government money. It has never worked. We need a whole lot of 99 Queen streets.

      • k1

        Always call for an ambulance
        911 will ask you if the mentally ill patient will go peacefully or not
        If ‘not’ then the Police will follow the ambulance…
        the Police will take their cue from the Paramedic (who is TRAINED in dealing with the mentally ill)

        • freakypete98

          Not once a crime is committed. If someone calls about someone Groping people in a public place it will be the Police that come. The caller won’t be calling saying a guy with Mental illness is here send an ambulance. Yes the ambulance and police may show up at the same time but it’s the police that make first contact. What exactly would an ambulance attendant do ? Nothing. They would sit and wait for the police.

  • simus1

    Aaacckk !!!!
    WaPo ! Wapo !
    Unclean ! Unclean !

    • Clausewitz

      When it comes to their writers, you get what you pay for.

  • marty_p

    I am still trying to figure out what genius at Immigration Canada thought a mentally handicapped Somali deserved free entrance into Canada and what moron in the Ottawa Social Services Dept determined that a mentally handicapped Somali gets welfare & a taxpayer funded subsidized apartment.