Anti-Christian bigots lose a round for once

From Ezra Levant: (Look, you do not need to be a Christian. Have you ever had a non-progressive, non-Islamist, non-Orwellian thought in your entire life?)

Dear Gerty,

I am thrilled to report to you that five judges on the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled unanimously in favour of Trinity Western University, and their right to set up a law school.

As you know, three “law societies” across Canada — the senior lawyers who govern the profession — had voted to blacklist any future graduates of Trinity Western’s law school, because of their Christian student code of conduct. Those law societies couldn’t have been any clearer: it was pure anti-Christian bigotry.

Trinity Western is fighting back, and we’re helping — over the years, we’ve raised thousands of dollars for the lawyers at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, led by John Carpay. They’re intervenors in court, in all three provinces where Trinity Western was blacklisted.

Click here to see my conversation with John yesterday — and to see me announce the results of our latest fundraising campaign to help cover John’s costs: $5,100!


I’m so pleased that we beat our goal of $5,000. If you haven’t yet made a contribution to this fight — or if you’ve already contributed, but want to give John a “congratulations” donation for a fight well fought — please click here.

This fight isn’t over of course; it’s surely heading to the Supreme Court. But we’ve managed to keep freedom of religion and freedom of association for Christians alive so far, in part due to your generosity.

Thank you!

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Please share this e-mail with your friends, to tell them about the anti-Christian discrimination in Canada’s law societies, and our plan to fight back. Invite them to donate too, by clicking here. And post as your Facebook status — that’s our page with all the information on this project!