Will Europe finally face up to the threat of Islamism?

On the bright side, the elderly priest who was murdered during mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen, had pretty well a perfect ending in Christian terms: celebrating the eucharist and targeted precisely because he was a priest. Two men took him hostage during mass, along with a couple of nuns and a couple of members of the congregation and they slit his throat – not quite the decapitation favoured by Islamic State in its own territory, but not for want of trying. By one account, one of the men shouted Daesh during the attack, which is odd, because this is the euphemistic term used by those who wish to call IS by a pejorative name without any obvious Muslim associations. Anyway, being murdered for your faith counts as martyrdom, so as far as the priest was concerned, he’s ended his life giving witness to the faith, involuntarily or not.

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    But the media elites are busy trying to deflect attention away from the priest and other muslim atrocities, by swamping the air waves with stories about nut case muslim dying after confrontation with Ottawa police, the worship of Clinton, and that poor polar bear in China. AND WHAT ABOUT CECIL THE LION!

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      Best answer compact and to the point.

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    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

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    Where is Justin?

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    I don’t have any more words left in me to describe what I feel.

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    Have a big issue with the phrase “involuntary or not”. Generally speaking, Christians are told not to go out to seek martyrdom, but to accept that it can happen. True martyrdom is almost always “involuntary” in the sense that the Christian has arrived at a time in his/her life when martyrdom is the only way forward, but has not deliberately chosen a path which leaves to martyrdom. Rather think the Egyptian Christians martyred on a beach near Tripoli, and those Christians murdered for their faith by ISIL didn’t go “voluntarily”. But when the inevitable happened, they chose to die rather than repudiate their faith. Pere Jacques, by reason of his calling to the priesthood, would have had little opportunity to renounce his faith, had he so wished to. But that does not make his sacrifice “involuntary”; by choosing to be a priest, he chose a path that could – and, for him, would – lead to his being attacked and killed for his faith. Requiescat in pace, Pere Jacques.

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    “With Mohammed Karabila, the president of Normandy’s regional council of Muslims, he worked on an interfaith committee.”

    “The Archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun, who was attending a
    Catholic gathering in Poland, said: “I cry out to God with all men of
    goodwill. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry. The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men.”

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    the above picture is the face of the man who in 2001 gave the local muslims, church land to build a mosque !!!!!!!!!! CONFIRMED ?????????????

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    Islamism, islamism??…what is this “Islamism”?. It’s MUSLIM terrorism. Call it what it is!!

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    No of course not. Europe has a 2000 year history of embracing whatever fascist totalitarianism is popular at the moment from the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, to absolute monarchy to the French Revolution to neo-monarchy, to nationalism to Marxism to real fascism to Nazism to Communism to the EU and now this. It doesn’t matter to them who or what as long as it’s some insane tyrant killing them. Whatever it is, they’re for it.