Two knifemen ‘shot dead’ by French police after taking hostages in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church

The French Police Nationale gave no details about the situation but sent a Tweet urging media not to cross security tape at the scene or take pictures or video.

The incident follows in the wake of the Nice Bastille Day lorry attack. Eighty-four people were killed and over 300 injured after a lorry was driven through a crowd of revellers on the French Riviera city.

Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor will take on investigation into church attack in Normandy, France, says interior ministry spokesperson – Reuters

French president Francois Hollande on way to visit site of church attack in Normandy, France – Reuters

Priest killed with blade in hostage situation in northern France, police say – Reuters

french-hostageLocal reports said the two attackers stormed the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during a service, taking the priest, two nuns and several members of the congregation hostage.

Twitter hashtag: #Normandy

Normandy siege: Knifemen ‘shouted Daesh and slit 86-year-old priest’s throat’ after taking nuns hostage in church before being shot dead

“The men’s motives are still unknown.”

normandy church seige

Terror unit take over investigation into church siege

1 among Normandy church hostages seriously injured, between life and death, French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet says – AP

French prosecutors say 1 person has been detained in investigation into church attack – AP

  • lolwut?
  • lolwut?
  • Gary

    Muslim fear backlash while Imams demand the Police protect their mosques from islamophobes.
    Toronto’s Police Chief warns people to not do an islamophobia nonsense.

    islam is a religion of peace , just ask Obama and Justin.

    • Rosenmops

      If I only had a brain….

    • Will Quest

      effing I-Slam …….

  • marty_p

    French attackers proclaimed “For ISIS” as they slaughtered the priest.,7340,L-4833391,00.html

    Except in the world of the Toronto Star:
    The identities of the attackers and motive for the attack are unclear, according to the official, who was not authorized to be publicly named.

    So how is it a little Israeli newspaper gets the news that the largest daily newspaper in Canada doesn’t?

    Waiting for the inevitable CBC, Tor Star and the rest of the politically correct MSM to do their regular dance (that would make Fred Astaire proud) insert one or more of of “Not all Muslims….Lone Wolves….Mental Issues…..Disenfranchised…..”

    • ontario john

      I’m sure the Toronto Star will replace the word with Daesh.

      • marty_p

        Update 9:14 EDT – French President François Hollande is suggesting that Daesh, also known as Islamic State, is behind an attack on a church that left an 84-year-old priest dead.

        Hollande called it a “vile terrorist attack” and said it’s another more sign that France is at war with Daesh, which has claimed a string of attacks on France.

        So let me get this straight – the French president is suggesting Daesh is behind the attack. The Star isn’t taking a position …. DOH. I guess the perps proclaiming they committed the attack in the name of IS isn’t enough for the Star.

        ISIS should come up with a formal form that terrorists will sign and leave for investigators to find post attack that formally proclaims their motives …. then the politically correct MSM might have to get it right.

        • H

          Is he going to stop muslim immigration to France, or even restrict it? Of course not, so who gives a shite what any of them have to say?

    • Waffle

      My neighbour — always a reliable indicator of the MSM effect — tells me that we definitely need more mental health counselling. She’s a big believer in the efficacy of “expert” counselling and takes full advantage whenever the need arises.

      • Clink9

        If mental health counselling really worked, why do we still have Liberal voters?

      • The interesting thing is whenever one of these grotesque acts is in fact the work of a mentally ill person (a rare occurrence statistically), it turns out that EVERY SINGLE TIME these people have already been under psychiatric care.

        What does that show about the efficacy of psychiatric care?

    • Will Quest

      & once again we suffer those bloody secular memorials of candles,flowers and stuffed animals that quickly turn into piles of festering garbage , a fitting, rotting tribute to the gratuitous self-loathing of ‘progressives’ & also fitting tributes to western values under attacked and offered as a sacrifice to the GAWDS of multi-culturalism.
      The ‘progressives’ adore to genuflex at those piles of rotting garbage….. their sweet secular altars… telling isn’t it ?????
      & Simple Simon says …. with crocodile tears …let’s go light a candle and sing our ohhhh-sooo ‘progressive’ hymn…… Imagine there’s no………

  • ontario john

    Wait for the media and political elites to proclaim the two attackers are mentally ill. The media isn’t giving it much coverage, they are too busy worshiping Clinton.

  • xavier

    According to the latest post

    The priest was slit and one parishoner (fidele in the text) was greviously wounded and he was the victiom of an sttemprd throat slitting (egorgė in the text)

    According the priest is dead

    And so the latest marytrdom begins. If the priest did die he’s a marytr in odium fideum (in hatred of the faith) and France has a new saint raised to the altars to venerate

    • ontario john

      The priest was obviously islamophobic. I wonder if Pope Hopey Changey will mention the attack to his muslim buddies the next time they meet.

      • xavier

        Well praying the morning office certainly requires a trigger warning.

        In all seriousness the French will start army themselves. Attacking an 86 year old priest and parishioners in a church is a tipping point.
        However secular the elites are, they know that they really need to go all out. Personally the war needs to be brought to the banlieus. There has to be retribution both in blood and in the law

        • ntt1

          I’ll be surprised .the french male lost his balls decades ago,They might strike a committee or perhaps bring in the idiot with the piano to warble lennon’s nursery rhyme imagine

          • xavier

            This time i’m not so sure. There was a lot of outrage after Nice. The church attack i think has finally driven home that the islamist scum want to kill everyone. So why not kill them instead?

    • Waffle

      Do they still do that? I thought they went full secular.

      • xavier

        France is undergoing a Catholic revival it’s not in your face but it’s becoming apparent

        • France had numerous pro-traditional family (anti-gay-marriage) protests a few years ago that were possibly the largest IN THE WORLD — we’re talking millions of people. Naturally, Canadians didn’t hear about it because such stories are censored in our Socialist utopia:

          • xavier


            Actually a few outlets did but you’d think it was the Vichy regime recuscitated by their coverage

  • Ron MacDonald

    If it happens here, Justin will blame us.

  • k2

    First they came for the Jews, then the gays, then the Christians … next up – those secular, progressive pricks who brought this down on all of us.

  • John

    So do we now place soldiers outside of every Christian house of worship? Is their enough manpower? You can’t go to a concert, an art show, a fireworks display, a supermarket, a café, a restaurant, a sports event, a shopping mall and now Mass without running the risk of being killed by a Muslim.

    • Millie_Woods

      One more time.

      • Makes me chuckle. Reminds me of when I took a summer job at a Steel mill when I was a teenager — every day when I went to work the big sign at the entrance of the mill said: “Number of Days Accident-Free: 0000”.

    • H

      Western society will continue to contort itself in order to accommodate islam. One day soon it will wake up to find that it has become a de facto sharia society. Game over.

    • ntt1

      you have to admit thats pretty vibrant,

    • marty_p

      Seems logical that Christian places of worship have to place guards outside…. Synagogues have been forced to have guards for a while now. High Holiday services in Toronto typically have had off duty COPS or security guards for years…it’s just a form of Jizyah.

  • robins111

    I blame the hateful rhetoric at the democrats convention… You just wait, I’m gonna burn a candle so hard, they’ll never forget it..

    • Clink9

      And flowers wrapped in plastic with a teddy bear.

  • mauser 98
  • Sean Connery

    What are they prepared to do?

  • mauser 98

    “summer of slaughter”,
    UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEPs have slammed Germany’s leaders
    over their part in the handling of Europe’s migrant crisis

  • John

    In the meantime, The Pope is in Poland trying to convince Poles to accept more Muslim migrants. He castigates his flock for refusing to enable the spread of Islam.