Priest beheaded, legacy media: Crickets

A friend writes to wonder why legacy media did not notice this (“must search high and low for much about it”)?

Daily Mail:

Hollande says France is at war with ISIS: Islamist knifemen chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ behead French priest, 84, and leave nun fighting for her life after storming Mass – before police shoot them dead

It comes as it emerged that the building was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found on a suspected ISIS extremist last April.More.

Reality check: 1. Most French people do not go to church. Their religion is fashionable atheism*, catering to terror, welfare, and abortion.

2. Most North American churches do not care what happened there, and the media they listen to know it. They are Jesus Hollers, catering to political correctness, personal feelings, welfare, and abortion. And euthanasia.

What we believe is what we become.

* These French will scoff and say, why were those people a priest or a nun anyway? Weren’t they just asking for it?

Well, maybe they will smarten up. We’ll see. No one can decide for them.

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  • moraywatson

    Why does the legacy media not notice this ? Because islam is a religion of peace.

  • Waffle

    I still wanna know who the hell did her nose!!! Or is it the magic of air-brushing? (like Trudeau’s Vogue photo-shoot)

  • Ron MacDonald

    He was Catholic, the progressive media could care less.

  • ontario john

    The CBC and CTV are not that interested about a Christian priest being beheaded, but they are upset that Trinity Western University won a court case in Nova Scotia today, regarding its law students. Yes, Canada’s media, always standing up for poor muslims and homosexuals.

    • Alain

      Of course this is horrible news for them. Imagine a qualified lawyer who is also a practising Christian. Now they would have no problem with a devout Muslim being a lawyer, and we have already seen a few of them.

  • john700

    Among the large European countries, France is one of the most conservative. I’ve attended Christmas mass in France and the church was full. When Hollande introduced legislation legalizing the homosexual marriage, there were marches against it, with hundreds of thousands in attendance. This wouldn’t be possible in Canada by the way. It’s a country more conservative and more Christian than many people realize.

    • Then the conservative Catholics had better man up because this will not the last attack.

    • Alain

      Having lived there for many years, you are correct. The irony I found however was how most voted for the Left while holding much more conservative values than the majority of anglophones or places like Germany. I never figured that one out, but I know one finds the same thing with most ethnic communities in Canada.

      • john700

        It’s because of Catholic teachings. Same in Italy and with Italians here in Canada. And Quebecers.

        • Alain

          That doesn’t explain why one finds the same thing with ethnic communities who are not Catholic nor even Christian.

  • ontario john

    The Toronto Star instructs us on its website that the motivation of the attackers on the priest are unclear. No mention of ISIS, Daesh, or whatever else they call them. They do have a major story on cross province booze sales though.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s going to have to rig elections as hard as Hillary does to stay in office. Soon the media will be commanded to no longer report on his polling numbers. It just won’t be plausible and then, of course it won’t be necessary. He will be the last non Muslim leader of France.