MURDER IN CALAIS JUNGLE: Migrant hacked to death and six injured in bloodbath brawl

Police have opened a murder investigation following the bloodbath in the early hours of this morning as a battle broke out between about 200 African and Afghan migrants in the giant shantytown.

  • Will Quest

    Isn’t I-Slam grand………

  • tom_billesley

    The dead man and six seriously hurt are Ethiopian. Attackers are Afghan, It may well be an attack by mahometans on Christians, not that the media would feel comfortable reporting that.

  • chayisun

    Just build a fence about eight feet high around the “compound, give each terrorist….I mean islamist….I mean refugee…..a hatchet. After a week or so have the police go there, along with the local marching band, and see who or what is left. An arm here, a leg there….Anything left standing, that is still breathing, give them a medal and drag them to the nearest train station. Along with the sounds of martial music, get them a one way ticket to Kabul. Seems like a Monty Python skit.