LAPD Officer Shot in Watts Area

A Los Angeles Police Department officer was shot Monday night, prompting a search in the Watts area, police said.

LAPD Southeast Division said officers were dealing with a hostile crowd following the shooting, but wouldn’t comment further.

Update: LAPD Officer Shot, 1 Person Killed in Watts Shooting

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck: ‘Initial accounts suggest that our brave LAPD officers endured a fierce gun battle requiring unwavering courage’

  • Gary

    Time for the Cops to call in sick all at once and let those black ghettos implode as they torch their own home and shoot each other.
    The BLM terrorists are tied to the islamists and the Nation of islam .

    • Blacksmith

      Past time.

  • Denis

    and here I thought the civil war would break out after the election, no matter who won! Silly me.