Kosovo Authorities Charge Iranian NGO Leader With ‘Financing Terrorism’

Authorities in Kosovo said on July 25 that they have charged an Iranian man with “financing terrorism and money laundering” through a nongovernmental group he operates called the Qur’an Foundation of Kosova.

The allegations against Hasan Azari Bejandi include charges that he laundered nearly $1 million in undeclared cash between 2014 and 2015.

Bejandi also oversees the activities of four other Shi’ite religious organizations suspected of having links to Tehran.

  • ontario john

    Breaking news this morning that two mentally ill angry young men stormed a church in France and took hostages. One of the islamophobic hostages was injured when police stormed the islamophobic church. All the networks covered it this morning, except the CBC which didn’t mention, it but had love in coverage of Clinton as its lead story. Glad we spend that billion dollars on the CBC.