Deranged Pocahontas Stokes Flames of Racial Unrest in Demagogic Convention Speech

In an epic escalation of desperate Democrat demagoguery Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren all but accused Donald Trump of calling for a race war. One has to wonder how such hate mongering would have sounded in the original German tongue because it fittingly belonged in a 1930’s Berlin beer hall and not on the stage at a major American political party convention. The grotesque carnival of fraud and perversion on display in Philly has set new standards in exploiting the politics of divisiveness and racism and will surely rile up the cop killer demographic. This is exactly what Hillary is going to need to win this November as revelations of corruption ooze out and she continues sink in the polls as though she has wandered off the beaten path into a shit bog. Warren has been a very reliable surrogate and her acid tongue and poison pen Twitter darts show that she would be a cruel and ruthless fascist apparatchik in a Hillary regime – perhaps heading up the Ministry of Fear. The Massachusetts wonder continued to pour gasoline on the fire on Monday night.