Bavaria calls for extra police and illegal alien invader crackdown after attacks by Muslims

Authorities in Bavaria have pledged to increase controls on migrants and recruit thousands of extra police in a package of security measures following a string of attacks.

After a week in which the south German state was the setting for an axe attack on a train, a mass shooting and a suicide bombing, the minister president of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, said it was “finally time to address people’s fears”.

“People are scared, completely understandably, and right now they need a credible answer from politicians,” he said.

  • xavier

    And passed off that the pact made since 1648 that the stateam would monopolize violence is falling apart against insurgents who violate the laws of war. So bite the bullet and let the citizens arm and defend themselves. Trust your own people instead of the invaders

    • They are more afraid of their own…with good reason.

      • xavier

        Too bad the elites now have face the accountability they so long avoided. In any case the elites will be severely put in their place and Moslems should fear the ordinary Germans. Nothing like a backlash to check your brittle supremacism

        • Slickfoot

          I’m betting that there are still a few un-neutered Germans left, and it only takes a few real leaders and the rest will follow.

  • Millie_Woods

    “..they need a credible answer from politicians,” he said.”

    LOL, he’s obviously in the slow class.

  • Justin St.Denis

    When we read about the destruction of the Molenbeek No-Go zone in Brussels by a secretive band of explosives experts which leaves the neighbourhood and everyone in it burned to a crisp, I will believe that Europeans are trying to take their countries back. Until then, it’s all theoretical pie-in-the-sky….