The multiple lives of Nice attacker: How the Bastille Day killer led an erratic social life in order to hide his extremism and plan to kill scores of people

To some, Bouhlel was a father with three children under six, and an 18-month old born just after his wife left him, accusing him of frequent abuse.

Then there was his erratic social life, smoking cannabis with acquaintances in the Tunisian immigrant community; martial arts training and possible steroid use to bulk up muscle; salsa dancing to pick up women; and a reported male lover in his 70s.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Bouhlel, like so many muslim men, was both oversexed and sexually confused. The time I spent in the ME was quite challenging – and sexually creepy – because of this. My advice to masculine, blond, hirsute men is to watch your back whenever you find yourself in a Muzzie environment. I learned this from a senior Dutch engineer in Dubai years ago when I was just a young pup.

    • Waffle

      Justin, please tell us why it is always about you, no matter what the subject is? Just askin’ . . .

      • Justin St.Denis

        If this is your take, why do you not simply pass on reading my comments? That is what I do. I don’t let people live in my head rent-free. BTW, I do not need your free headspace as we already live in a beautiful home.

        Just askin’…

  • David Wood has an explanation for much of this phenomenon:

  • ismiselemeas

    And they’re worried about Western corruption?