Terror is the new normal for Germany and France

Well this is all going very well isn’t it? I refer of course to the totally unforeseeable, impossible to predict wave of attacks in Germany and elsewhere across the continent in recent days.

The Thursday before last it was Nice. But already the slaughter of 84 people in France is just so, like, a fortnight ago.

  • Of course.

    Europe can muster only posters and hashtags to combat the people they let in.

    This is the new Lebanon, Iraq or Afghanistan.

    • Exile1981

      If I was PM i’d list all germany, france and sweden as dangerous to vist to discourage people going there.

      • Now that terrorism is the new norm, yes.

      • Daviddowntown

        That may be one of the few things to get their attention as the rape and mangled death of their citizens doesn’t seem to register. After all how is holland gonna pay for his $12,000/month haircuts?

    • Don’t forget the chalk messages on the sidewalks, Europe can do those too.

  • Dana Garcia

    Muslim immigration will do that.

    And Germany has been packing them in. Merkel should be tried for treason.


  • H

    How long are we going to put up with this?

  • The Butterfly

    I’m sure glad we have John McCallum vetting our “refugees”.

    • mobuyus

      He didn’t know the difference between Vichy France and Vimy-Ridge he will do a fantastic job of vetting our”refugees”.

      • The Butterfly

        But he does know the difference between Scotch and Brandy.

        • felis gracilis

          From the way he talks, he likely knew the difference for many years, but probably not anymore.

  • Gary

    Ottawa has now seen several muslims attack people to stab them , the Police can’ t find a link or motive .

    Just get rid of the Cops because if they are this stupid they shouldn’t have a gun or be trusted to protect the public. $90,000.00 a year to spread sharia and cover-up jihad attacks for Justin.
    Lets them stay in the Parades or street festivals for $30,000.00 a year as a PR stunt for tourism posters so we can hire REAL Cops.