Singaporean fights back against nudes online

From the ever-entertaining Mashable, we learn about a righteous campaign against cyberbullying, via Alicia Tan:

A Singaporean man who recently discovered his nude video was circulating online has hit back against online bullies.

Lokies Khan, a 24-year-old online personality, claims that he discovered a video that he shot privately started getting passed around on Tumblr without his consent or prior knowledge.More.

Reality check: Guy shot the vid himself? And the rest of the world is supposed to take his problems seriously?

It’s not like someone climbed a tree and surreptitiously filmed him undressing in his room.

All I know is, I do not want to pay taxes or give donations to help out with this kind of cause.

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  • xavier

    Ooooo bad move. It’s a gay guy.
    You have no idea how santimonious Singaporean officialdom is. And it gets even worse whenever disruptive behaviour like dissent or gay right are involved.

    Just look up Pink dot and the Law minister on google for a taste of the santimony.