Roger Simon on Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation

I am far from an expert in cybersecurity, but having run an online media company for seven years, I forced myself to learn enough to see the obvious—that those who hacked into the DNC server and other email accounts such as Sidney Blumenthal’s to Hillary Clinton, as was done by the original Guccifer, were simply clever amateurs, patient enough to guess their way in with simple-minded passwords. For the highly-trained sophisticated intelligence services of China, Russia, Germany, Israel, the UK, France, Pakistan and Iran (to name just a few) with access to super computers, such break-ins would be so routine they might be done in ten minutes. Our own NSA might have done in it three minutes. Maybe they did.

How did this outright cyber stupidity on the part of the DNC and Clinton come to pass? Two words: arrogance and corruption. They work together brilliantly.

How could you possibly trust these people to manage the war against radical Islam where cybersecurity is increasingly paramount? ISIS has certainly mastered YouTube. Who knows what else they can do? Sooner or later, they or their progeny will know plenty.


Reality check: No American who needs government cheques to live cares. Listen to Hillary’s voters. They are the future.

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