Muslim Mob Attacks Copts in a Beni Suef Village in Egypt following Rumor about Church Construction

  • BillyHW

    The world must ban muslims.

  • Rosenmops

    Why care we letting Muslims in Canada? It’s madness.

  • G-d- savages.

    Arm Christians.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Do you think the folks who run the Coke headquarters in Atlanta have banned people from bringing Pepsi onto the property?

    Of course not.

    So obviously one wouldn’t find people at Coke headquarters violently attacking Pepsi drinkers.

    If Islam is, as so many like to say, truly ‘one of the world’s great religions’ why are it’s followers so insanely insecure?


    This Atheist

  • Gary

    Under Justin’s reign , it won’t be long before the Church’s will have to have security 24/7 to stop jihad attacks to fire bomb them or slaughter the people during their services.
    There is a pattern for islam where ever it goes. Why will muslims be any different when they get to be about 5% of population and want
    Sharia at any cost.

    Not too long back in about 2014 ti was Imam Steve Rockwell that was on the 640am Oakley radios show and said he supported ISIS for wanting to impose Sharia which is the duty of every muslim.
    Rockwell also defended BOKO taking the sex-slaves.

    But being a slime-ball weasel Imam , Rockwell was back on Oakley earlier this year and tried to clarify his statements that he didn’t support ISIS and it’s sharia law.
    Sorry Rockwell, you weren’t vague at all and you also boasted that Canada will become an islamic state one day because muslims are out breeding all other groups and will dominate as the majority top form a Caliphate.